Discover local hidden pearls or climb the tallest mountain of Norway...
Voted one of the worlds most exciting hikes by National Geographic! Visited by 35000 people pr. year and measuring 1743 meters above sea-level this hike offers adrenalin as well as stunning views
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The top of Norway and the tallest mountain of Northern Europe rises 2469 meters above sea-level. Not too hard to reach this hike appeals to experienced mountaneers as well as to novices. For more information on how to get there visit: and
Jotunheimen is one of the few areas in Norway where you can go on glacier-walks. Buckle up and get ready for an adventure on ice
Great fun for big and small. For more information visit:
Experince our wild, rugged nature from the horseback. For more information visit:
Experience the tranquility of being underground, investigating caves where a powerful river-rush ads to the adventure. Different levels of difficulties and guided tours available. For more information visit:
Frechly brewed coffee and Norwegian vaffles to be enjoyed at where you'll find exciting activities for children.

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