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Nordigard Blessom is according to the legend the oldest farm in Vågå. People from the neighboring village Lesja came over the mountains in the search of a suitable place to build a farm. When they upon their return were asked if they had found a place, they answered; "We found a Blesse" (a local word meaning an opening in the landscape, and from which the name Blessom has derived). A handful of soil was taken from the area and brought to a blind, wise man for him to smell and feel. "You shall build a farm on this site" said the blind man, and so it was... 


To this day you'll find the farm on the sunny side of Vågåmo. Consisting of old wooden buildings from the 17th and 18th century, where the oldest house probably originates from before the Black Death. The houses have been pietistic restored giving you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere as it originally was all those hundreds of years ago.

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